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Research the Facts
Begin Networking 
Define your Agenda 
Contact the Power Brokers 
Launch the Electronic Crusade 
Generate Online Publicity 
Celebrate the Potential for Cyber-Change
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There are a couple of ttools that can be used to narrow down your topic. Here are several suggetions listed below:


List of Doctors

If everything makes you angry, you might want to consider looking inward.Perhaps therapy, meditation or anger management would be helpful.


Mind mapping is another alternative. This is a cretive approach to narrowing down your topic. Simply start with one word and circle it. From the main circle start writing down any word that comes to your mind and link it from the first. Continue doing this with each word and eventually you will be able to narrow down the subject. Here is an example of what a mind map looks like.


Talk to a chat room. Discuss your issues with someone else that feels the same way. If you have been even remotly familiar with web browsers, many have chat room selections. For example AOL has a dirct link to chat rooms.









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Step Eight: Celebrate the Potential for Cyber-Change 
Created by Sherri Andersen & Elizabeth Brunner
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Updated on February 14, 1999