What is Power Searching?


Power searching is a system used to find specific information on the Web by using a particular search enging and knowing how to use the specific command codes to your benefit. Here is a list of search engins:

  • AltaVista (www.altavista.com)
  • Yahoo
  • Excite


Knowing how to use the specific commands to clarify the search is very important. It can save you a lot of time. The majority of the commands are accepted in most search engings, however, each has some specifics. One of the most popular is Alta Vista. The comands are as follows:

This sign inf front of a word means you MUST included in the web site, rather than Should.
Eliminates words that you DON'T want included.
" "
Quotation marks mean the full phrase must be found.
Use this symbol as an all inclusive. For example if you were searching for the subject vanity, a "* " after "vanit" would look for all words with that root, i.e. vanities, vanity.
no symbol
No symbol in front of a word indicates the word is non essential, but send me info in case you find it.




Now lets look at an example