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        Resources for Web Promotion
1-2-3 Promote offers an excellent and free tutorial on web promotion and advertising. Great place to start.  
The Link Exchange Daily Digest is a moderated discussion list focused on web site promotion, traffic building, and publicity. Digests are published five days a week with more than 100,000 recipients. Archives are indexed on the web site:
RankThis! is a free online tool to help you determine your "ranking" on different keyword sets in 10 of the major search engines. 

The "Submit It" LinkExchange page offers background information on search engine technology and tips on how to get web sites to appear on the result pages of search engines. 
Six-In-One Web Registration allows visitors to quickly submit URLs to six major search engines:  Excite, Inforseek, Lycos, AltaVista, HotSpot, and NorthernLights.  
For instructions on how to check your URL listing with the search engines, see this Search Engine Watch article: 
Dartmouth Tips on Registering with Search Engines focuses on meta-tags. 
Submit-It Marketing Primer describes eleven components of a successful web site marketing campaign: 
InterNet Gain offers free analysis of your site ranking with one search engine. Further analysis can be purchased. 
        Statistics on Web Use and Trends 
CyberAtlas is a comprehensive marketing reference site, with statistics on web traffic and consumer patterns. 
InfoQuest maintains an extensive list of links to statistical information about the web. 
Cyber Dialogue gathers internet usage and electronic commerce data for major corporations. The site contains plenty of free information in press releases, quick facts, and articles. 
The British company Netcraft also gathers statistics on web use. Their site tracks web growth, most popular sites, and server statistics. 
Billed as "Market Intelligence for Intelligent Marketers," Iconoclast offers a downloadable "Internet at a Glance. 
        Using Meta Tags
Meta tags are used by many of the major spider-based search engines to index web sites.  These lines of code can be written into the header of your HTML source document. The "description" tag and the "keywords" tag are the most important. 
WebPromote's Meta-Tag Builder creates an exact duplicate of your HTML source code with the properly formatted meta tags in place 
<Meta> Tag Information Page covers the basics: 
JavaScript Source also has a meta tag maker. 
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