"Under Construction" Links
As we learn how to make web sites, our work-in-progress might not be worthy of public inspection. Many novice webmasters include a clever "Under Construction" sign to alert the public that their cyber-masterpiece will improve with time. 
Clip art collections contain easy-to-download images. Read the "rules of use" to clarify copyright issues. Sometimes the site requests source credit or a reciprocal link. Try these sites for "Under Construction" images, both static icons and animated GIFs. 
Maybe your site is less an evolving wonder and more a hopelessly dead endeavor. If so, the "Cemetary Clip Art" page might provide the most appropriate image. 
How about "real" traffic and safety signs? Probably far more detail than needed, but these images could decorate a clever road map through your web site. 
Can an innocent icon determine your personality? What does permanently "Under Construction" say about your character? 
How excessive are these "Under Construction" icons? Amuse yourself with this extremist parody: 
Believe it or not, a political movement has formed in opposition to those ubiquitous "Under Construction" images. Read the manifesto (and follow some links) at: 
And in an interesting twist, the WebWeaver site added a "Not Under Construction" slogan to a horizontal bar in its clip art collection. 
Compiled by Elizabeth Brunner 
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Updated May 10, 1999