Keep your eyes open near Mission Plaza and University Union for businesses eager to find new customers.  This Mail Boxes Etc. voucher worth 100 free copies has lasted for several quarters. 
During the first week of class, El Corral Bookstore distributes Camptoon posters full of coupons from local businesses.  Although during peak hours, staff might insist on "Only One Per Customer," check back in the early evening when piles of posters sit unguarded. 
Although the Lucky's grocery store on Foothill in San Luis Obispo no longer promotes this offer, corporate policy requires one dollar compensation whenever the check-in stand line contains more than three impatient shoppers. 
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The new trend of downloadable coupons from the web still requires too much time to find local businesses.  But the following sites are worth watching: 

Supermarkets Online features a friendly interface, registration by zip code, and some subcategory sorting. 

The Internet Coupons Directory boasts the largest site for printable coupons.  From Payless Shoes to Revlon, the site focuses on major manufacturers of consumer goods. 

Suzy Coupon includes downloadable coupons sorted by type or location, a coupon exchange board, and discussion groups. 

Jlyne´s Coupon & Refund Community welcomes the frugal with bargain highlights, freebie lists, and a coupon exchange service. 

And for the real fanatics -- Join the Association of Coupon Professionals.  This organization consists of marketing professionals who track industry innovation. 


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