Nothing makes Coupon Girl happier than $1.00 off when she is trapped on campus for endlessly long days.  Sign up for the Campus Express card and qualify for monthly discount coupons.  For example, paying with Campus Express when buying a burrito at the Avenue automatically earns a free soda. After 2:00pm, packaged sandwiches, pre-made salads, and pastries are half off at the Avenue as well.  Most importantly, the staff never flinch when we pile discount upon discount at the register. 
Keep your eyes open for that most precious coupon treasure -- free, free, free -- without any purchase required.  Battling against Taco Bell's 39-cent specials, the newcomer Go Taco began distributing these rare cards for two absolutely free tacos.  No need to even buy a beverage. 
From Italian to Thai and Indian, two-for-one deals are legendary in San Luis Obispo.  No need to ever pay full price when accompanied by a friend. 
Drink ice water with a slice of lemon.  Beverages are notoriously overpriced in most restaurants, despite the lure of free refills.
Pay attention to restaurants that continue serving from the lower-priced lunch menu until 4:59pm.  Much cheaper than waiting for the dinner bell.
Carry your own tupperware container for packing up leftovers.  Better for the environment than styrofoam and helps you anticipate a second meal for the price of one. 
Make friends with the waitress.  Tipping fairly is good for the soul and helpful staff always know the best bargains on the menu. 
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Demanding Refunds
Celebrating Frugality