How can I narrow the focus on my political crusade?
Begin with your broad issue. For example, you might choose the ENVIRONMENT. 

Now brainstorm a list of critical subtopics.  Web research can help you identify various specific concerns within the environmental protection movement. 
Energy Use Recycling Land Conservation Extinction Animal Rights
Now translate the subtopics into urgent local issues which have solutions with the  realm of "possibilities"
To prevent so many students from driving to campus and wasting gasoline, increase the frequency of city bus runs to campus during evening hours. Also change the schedule so that buses arrive on campus at least ten minutes before classes normally start.  Double the number of recycling bins on campus. Place an aluminum can bin next to every soda machine. Place a newspaper recycling bin next to every Mustang Daily kiosk.  Ask the County Conservation  Board to appoint a student representative. Identify an undeveloped piece of attractive property, work with university fundraisers to secure a donation of the land in return for tax deduction, and organized students to restore property to pristine condition.  Working with your university's  Biology Department, identify a local species under current threat. Launch a publicity campaign, lead tours of the habitat, and email local officials about the dangers of extinction.  Gather statistics on the number of cats and dogs killed each year by the humane society. Inventory the percentage of local apartment buildings which cater to students but refuse to allow pets. Approach landlords with offers of free publicity and online listings if they become "pet friendly." 
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