No matter what your personality and talents, the Cyber-Activism movement welcomes your participation.  Open your web browser, start up the search engines, prepare to carbon copy those email messages, and use technology to improve our world.  The interactive quiz below might help you determine the best starting place. 
Which of the following terms best characterizes your personality?  
Passionate Diplomatic Angry Reserved 
When the bureaucracy tells you NO, your first instinct is . . . ?  
Apologize and Tremble Call your mother. Object politely Organize the Opposition
Which of the following slogans best reflects your values?  
People Before Profits Think Globally, Act Locally  Disco, Disco Duck 
Which phrase best characterizes the World Wide Web?
Global network of concerned citizens   Best place to download plagiarized term papers  
Virtual site of unlimited possibility   Shrine to unlimited pornography  
Is there hope for humanity?  Can the planet by saved?
  Yes, anything can be accomplished if we work together.  Forces for good will overcome the evil.  
  Depends on who wins the ultimate battle between Alien Invaders and Robotic Parasites.  
  No.  The prophet inside my pocket sees only death and destruction.  
  I hope!  Although the challenges seem overwhelming, small action can lead to big change.  
Will YOU make a difference? 
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Eight step tutorial for digital activism 
prepared by Sherri Andersen & Elizabeth Brunner, 1999