Search Example
I am ANGRY about the way animals are abused in our society, specifically domestic cats and dogs. What really gets me angry is the fact that known animal abusers, that are caught tried and convicted, are rarely ever punished for their crimes. They usually get off with a slap on the wrist and a minimal fine. The scary thing is many of these people are potential child abusers as well. WE NEED TO ENFORCE PUNISHMENT FOR THESE CRIMES!

Here is the process I used for my search:

I decided to use the AltaVista search engine, 
I then started with the following search string using my commands: 
+animal +abuse +law +consequence
This first attempt provided a rather wide choice. It gave me 200 possibilities, I realized that the choices included subjects I didn't want to include. For example, the list of sites included child abuse, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, etc. so I realized I needed to narrow down my search string. The next string looked like this: 
+animal + abuse +law +consequence - sexual - child - domestic
This string also gave me 200 possibilities, but the subject matter was narrowed down significantly. 
I then went to the bottom of the search page and there is a section titled "AltaVista Recommends." Listed was a title called "Animal Rights> Organizations." I clicked on this and Wa La, I found a link that fit the bill: AWIC, Department of Agriculture's Animal Welfare Information Center has liks to animal legistation and policy issues. 
From here I clicked on the button below and a list of animal welfare acts, laws, regulations and legislation appeared. 
From there I clicked on a link ""animal care" which led me to "Investigative and Enforcement Services" which led me to the "Federal Code of Regulations." 
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