Identify an Issue 
Research the Facts
Begin Networking 
Define your Agenda 
Contact the Power Brokers 
Launch the Electronic Crusade 
Generate Online Publicity 
Celebrate the Potential for Cyber-Change
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Take an Interactive Quiz to determine your Potential as a Cyber Activist 
Gain inspiration from Case Studies of how other Cyber Activists achieved victory 
Tour other web sites devoted to political activism 
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View current legislative alerts on burning issues 
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STEP EIGHT:  CELEBRATE THE POTENTIAL FOR CYBER-CHANGE.  Gives thanks to fellow activists and express gratitude to the legislators who agreed with you.  Share your successes with others who dream of re-shaping society via the internet.  Treat yourself to a few days of wrist rest and mouse relief.  Then leap back into the virtual wilderness for your next crusade. 
CyberBouquet for a CyberActivist!
We congratulate you 
on your concern, 
your dedication, and 
your effectiveness.
Sample Thank You Message
Identify the legislation and mention key staff Dear Senator Jones:  Thank you for supporting Senate Bill 1896, which increased funding for affordable day care centers in low-income neighborhoods. Your legislative aide Sally Smith deserves praise for her responsiveness and attention to detail. 
Hint about next steps and offer yourself as a resource.  I am optimistic that related legislation next term will spread this pilot project throughout our state and ensure that all children receive needed enrichment services during the crucial pre-school years. Please let me know if I can help your office mobilize support. 
Give a gentle reminder about follow-up publicity Please send me a copy of any press release related to Senate Bill 1896.  I plan to share the good news with voters in my home town through an editorial in our local newspaper. 
            Respectfully,  Doris Brown
How can I send electronic greeting cards
Created by Sherri Andersen & Elizabeth Brunner
For Dr. Doug Smith's English 511 at Cal Poly
Updated on February 14, 1999