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STEP FIVE:  Contact the Power Brokers.  Use the web to reach federal, state, regional, and local officials. By visiting the web sites of elected leaders, you can learn their views on current issues and pending legislation.  Although phone conversations with legislative staff and personal visits will probably still be essential, electronic mail and online feedback forms allow quick pressure on burning issues. With the rapid spread of the web, more and more activists find it easier to respond to action alerts by email, in comparison to writing letters and finding postage stamps. 
Example As part of a volunteer program organized in the dormitories, Marilyn spent several days helping out at a local homeless shelter. She learned that the maximum length of stay was 60-days, but that some homeless individuals were unable to find housing or stabilize quickly enough. How tragic that they ended up back on the streets after two months. 

Marilyn used the web to find the National Coalition for the Homeless site.  On the legislative alert page, she learned about a proposed $50 billion Community Housing Investment Trust to preserve or build one million units of affordable rental housing.  Marilyn used the web site  to find her congresswoman's email address.  She also researched which congressional committees were responsible for the proposed legislation. 
Step Six: Launch the Electronic Crusade 
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