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STEP FOUR:  Define Your Agenda.  Tread that fine line between the realistic and the possible. Perhaps identify both a dream goal and a compromise position so that room for negotiation remains. Narrow the focus so that your local community and your personal network of friends can offer a starting point. Do enough research to make sure that your actions do not simply duplicate or -- even worse -- interfere with the campaign of another political organization. 
Example During the mid-1980s, students from across the nation were deeply disturbed by apartheid in South Africa.  But how could they impact ugly racism and brutality on a distant continent?  Student groups focused on their own university's investment policies and began demanding devesture of all South African stock holdings. Through sit-ins, speak-outs, and resolutions, students managed to change university financial practices on many campuses.  This narrowed focus generated intense media coverage and pushed other institutions to re-examine investment policies. 
How can I narrow my focus
Step Five: Contact the Power Brokers 
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