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Define your Agenda 
Contact the Power Brokers 
Launch the Electronic Crusade 
Generate Online Publicity 
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STEP SIX:  Launch the Electronic Crusade.  From creating a political web site to sending out emails and posting legislative alerts, you can trigger reform. Develop an electronic Call-to-Action which includes details on the proposed legislative or policy reform, lists of appropriate elected officials or decision-makers to be contacted, sample text to be included in lobbying messages, and facts to bolster your argument. 
Launch an electronic petition drive.  Encourage supporters to email you with a brief message, signature block, and specified subject line.  Then compile the messages by cutting and pasting into word processing.  The full collection of electronic petition can then be printed for hand delivery or sent as an attachment to decision-makers. 
Think creatively about dramatic ways to spread your message and influence change.  For example, your web site might include downloadable and printable paper dolls dressed in the distinctive fabrics of Guatemala. For a campaign to protest the United States' intervention in Central American, the dolls could be hand-colored and snail-mailed to legislators. As other possibilities, you might have downloadable fliers, fact sheets, logos, and web banners. 

Use your web site as an online educational forum.  Post responses received from legislators. Include a feedback form, chat room, or guestbook survey to encourage discussion.  Provide reciprocal links to organizations working on similar issues. 

Show me a sample action alert!   
Step Seven: Generate Online Publicity 
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