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Research the Facts
Begin Networking 
Define your Agenda 
Contact the Power Brokers 
Launch the Electronic Crusade 
Generate Online Publicity 
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STEP THREE: Begin Networking.  Once again, web research will help you identify national and local organizations that care about similar issue.  Look for online political discussion forums, advocacy groups, specialized newsgroups, and activist web sites. Write to the staff or webmaster, asking whether your specific concern fits within their organization's agenda. 
Example Over several years, Ricardo spotted fewer and fewer frogs in the small creek behind his family's home. He remembered that the neighborhood had been full of nightly chirping during his childhood.  Unsure whether environmental factors would be to blame, Ricardo used the Internet to hunt for organizations concerned about amphibians.  He constructed the following AltaVista search string: +frog* disappear environmental campaign extinct activis* organization
He found the Environmental Health Center which profiled  disappearing frogs in a recent online newsletter and the Declining Amphibian Populations Taskforce
Step Four: Define Your Agenda 
Created by Sherri Andersen & Elizabeth Brunner
For Dr. Doug Smith's English 511 at Cal Poly
Updated on February 21, 1999